Evolus Hippocrate™

An overall solution for polyclinics

An integrated system to manage the polyclinics, support all medical operations as well as storing, searching Electronic Patient Records (EPR)

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Admission module

The receiptionist is provided an intuitive GUI to search for previous patient records as well as admit new patients with ease.

With the fulltext-search capability, user can just enter simple keywords but then will be matched with various information of the patients, the result will be displayed in the order of relevance to the search criteria.

Hippocrate™ provides a detailed monitoring console to track all the operations happening in the polyclinics in real-time. With this monitoring console, a user of Hippocrate™ can know exactly which doctors are serving which patients in which rooms as well as the waiting time of a specific patient. Based on that information, all the departments in the polyclinics can co-ordinate effectively to serve the patients with maximum productivity.

This feature allows Hippocrate™ users continuously monitoring and co-ordinating right at the admission phase.

Clinical module

A doctor can easily access all the medical information for all sessions about a patient such as problem list, medications, prescriptions in one screen. With all information in one place, a doctor can do comparision or reference information with ease. The results of medications will be delivered to the doctors giving those medications as soon as they are finished, minimize the delay time and effort to deliver these results in the traditional approach (which is paper-based).

Hippocrate™ provides a friendly GUI for enter diagnosis notes and prescriptions, this GUI is much the same as paper-form which doctors are familiar with. Moreover, the doctors can access storage information of drugs in the linked pharmacy of the polyclinics, he/she will know before hand about which drugs should be added to the patients' prescriptions.The autocomplete feature allows doctors to make the prescriptions faster and error-free.

Para-clinical module

Hippocrate™ support all popular paraclinical services such as ultra-sound, ECG, medical test, X-ray and it is very easy to customize or add new services to the system. Hippocrate™ is designed as an open system to integrate external medical peripherals.

With robust collaboration model of Hippocrate™, all the paraclinical doctors can quickly serve patients assigned by other doctors. And all the paraclinical results will be delivered back to the doctors who gave medications as soon as they are finished.

Package examination for companies

Hippocrate™ provides a very powerful feature to create flexible medical service packages with many customizations which allow the polyclinics to offer health check-up services for companies, organizations. With service grouping feature, Hippocrate™ can create various medical service packages to suit all needs of organizations.

Hippocrate™ store all information about the medical service package in electronic format which make it extremely fast to generate the employee health reports to send to the clients. Calculating the real cost of the medical service package to compare with the proposal cost is the essential needs of polyclinics to ensure the clients of polyclinics just pay for what they actually used. Hippocrate™ can automatically generate all the necessary reports to solve those problems.

System Administration module

Patient profiles and electronic patient records are the most valued information for a polyclinics. That information is very important for the polyclinics to run its daily operations as well as to mine data for medical research, Hippocrate™ is designed to make a full system backup easily, fast and securely.

All the input templates such as diagnosis templates, prescription templates, paraclinical result templates, ... are stored on the central servers for easier to manage and share among users in the system. Every user in the system can access shared input templates or use his/her own input templates.

All the medical services offered by the polyclinics are stored on the central servers with many customizations, maximizing the variety of the medical services of the polyclinics. Each medical service can be configured with pricing information and medical operation specific information such as result type, input templates and sample acquisition type.

Doctor Appointment module

Hippocrate™ Appointment module allows doctors and receiptionist to create and monitor all the patients' appointments. Appointments can be automatically created during the daily operation of doctors, nurses and labs technicians. Besides the appointment reservation, the Doctor Appointment modules also provides a handy appointment notification mechanism for doctors and nurses for incoming appointments. All the appointment notifications are displayed on the doctors' screen wherever they are on the polyclinics LAN or working remotely over the Internet.

Hippocrate™ provides a pre-built feature to integrage with the website of the polyclinics (if they request), visitors of the website can make appointments directly through their browsers. All the appointments registered through the website will be monitored and imported into Hippocrate™ system on a special screen of the Hippocrate™ client programs.

Reporting module

The management board can have a overall view about the financial status of the polyclinics through the financial reports generated by Hippocrate™ Reporting module. These reports are the key factors affecting the business decision of the polyclinics. The management board can view reports about every aspect of the polyclinics such as medical services usage statistic, patient statistic, medical service income statistic, doctor income statistic, ....

Reports about patient visit frequency, average patient waiting time are also supported.

Pharmacy module

Hippocrate™ Pharmacy module provides all necessary functions to manage a standard pharmacy such as drug categories, sold prescriptions, drug storage (in-out and in-stock status). Furthermore, this module provides a very flexible pricing policy to suit different kinds of customers.

The Pharmacy module collaborates doctors with giving prescriptions and cashier with payments to serve patients of the polyclinics as well as retail customers. The information exchange between deparments in the Hippocrate™ system is extremely fast so waiting time of patients is minimized.

The Pharmacy module can also generate reports about drug sale, import, return and income/expense in a specific time range.